Age: 16
Age at Diagnosis: 6

Jack is inspired by all of the breakthrough T1D research, advances in technology, and teams of people working to improve lives of people with T1D and find cures for the disease. These things haven’t just inspired Jack because the advances have improved his life, but have influenced his future career path as well! “My endocrinologist and diabetes care team have helped me so much and I want to become an endocrinologist to help kids like me, and help find a cure for T1D.”

Outside of school, Jack loves legos and video games, and using his voice to advocate for other people living with T1D, as well as people who face other challenges. He was selected to go to the Youth Leadership Forum for children with disabilities in his home state of Florida, and feels it’s important to use his voice to raise T1D awareness, but also to help reduce the stigma around the disease. “I don’t want anyone living with T1D or other disabilities to be judged or called weird. I dream of a world where people who are different aren’t judged, but accepted.”

“Local teen heading to DC to advocate for Type 1 diabetes,” News4JAX, June 28, 2023

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