Age: 13
Age at Diagnosis: 11

Edgar has two parents, two sisters, and two dogs, and describes them as a team when it comes to supporting Edgar managing life with T1D. Edgar and his family, both immediate and extended, have worked tirelessly since his diagnosis to help raise money for T1D research, as well as raise awareness about the disease by speaking in their communities and on social media. Edgar says, “T1D research programs and technology are important to me because advancements in technology mean better management. Better management means being able to do more things.”

Edgar loves to mountain bike, golf, play with his friends, read, build robots, and is very proud of himself for learning to wakeboard this past summer! As far as his plans for the future, Edgar would like to live in a world where there are better and more accessible treatments for T1D, and eventually, a cure, and pursue a career as an architect.


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