Age: 15
Age at Diagnosis: 1

Elise doesn’t remember life without T1D, but she tries to think of it as more of an obstacle than a roadblock. Elise is passionate about educating those around her about life with T1D, and tries to use things like pump site changes and blood sugar checks as opportunities to help people learn. “I used to get annoyed when people asked me questions about what I was doing, and would leave to go do anything T1D related to avoid the questions, but now I love having the opportunity to educate people about something they might not know very much about.”

Outside of spreading T1D awareness, Elise is very active and loves playing soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. This past year, she made the varsity soccer team as a freshman, which is an accomplishment she’s very proud of. When she’s not on the field or the basketball court, Elise enjoys exploring her other passions, like photography.

“New Hampshire teenagers testify to Congress about need for diabetes research,” WMUR 9 ABC, July 13, 2023

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