Age: 14
Age at Diagnosis: 3

As one of four people in her family living with T1D, Savannah is very familiar with how T1D technology makes managing the disease easier. “All of these advances have drastically improved not only my life, but also the lives of everyone who has type 1 diabetes,” she said. Her work as a JDRF Youth Ambassador allows her to spread awareness about T1D and insulin affordability, an issue she is very passionate about.

Savannah’s favorite activities are reading, skating, learning new languages including Japanese and French, and she’s especially proud of how long she’s spent drawing and playing the piano. When she is older, Savannah looks forward to helping people and being able to travel whenever she can.

“Savannah Deeg was Chosen as a Delegate to Congress to Raise Awareness of Juvenile Diabetes,” Hernando Sun, April 18, 2023

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