Age: 13

Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

Ever creative, Millie participates in choir and drama—and also channels her creativity into building awareness for T1D. She organized a “Pingathon” at her school to help students better understand how it feels to live with T1D. Everyone wore elastic bands on their wrists and “pinged” themselves throughout the day to simulate insulin injections. The event was so successful that Millie was all over the local news—and her Member of Parliament even joined in! She has written her own T1D manifesto to send to candidates during the upcoming UK General Election. When asked why she wants to participate in JDRF Children’s Congress, Millie says, “I want to share my experiences with new friends and explain to U.S. Senators [and Representatives] how their decisions affect not only children living in America, but across the world.”


Princethorpe College Pupil’s manifesto is a serious read

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