Age: 10
Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

Maddy tells an inspiring story about sharing her experience with T1D: “I gave a short speech at the Imagine Gala about how I had to stick myself a minimum of 84 times a week to test my blood sugar. I asked the audience to please give $84 towards research. As I left the stage my mom showed me the screen, and we saw that I had raised $5,292, and it was still going up!” she says. “I couldn’t believe it!” As a Youth Ambassador, she participates in JDRF Walks and has taken part in the JDRF Promise to Remember Me campaign, which let her tell her story to her Congressman. Maddy keeps busy with tennis, swimming, biking, skating and gymnastics. She also plays the piano and is learning how to speak French and Spanish.

Ten-Year-Old from LA to Represent California at JDRF 2015 Children’s Congress

Children Take Diabetes Fight to Washington DC

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