Age: 16
Age at Diagnosis: 14

Eliza fell in love with running the summer before 7th grade, and has been running varsity track and cross country ever since! She was diagnosed with T1D halfway through her 8th grade track season, but it didn’t stop her from becoming all region, and placing highly at the state competition! Eliza is passionate about nutrition, and plans on studying nutrition and health in college, and then becoming a pediatric endocrinologist to help other children with T1D live healthy lives.

Although diagnosed just two years ago, Eliza and her family have dove right into raising awareness and advocating for T1D research, participating in JDRF One Walk and Galas. Eliza talks very openly about life with T1D, whether it’s with her track and field or cross country teammates, her classmates, or people out in the community. “I always welcome questions about T1D, I hope that by sharing what I’ve experienced, I can help somebody else in my community!”

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