Age: 17
Age at Diagnosis: 1

Jackie loves exploring, whether it be destinations around the world or who she is as a person, she is always in the mood for an adventure. Like most teenagers, Jackie loves hanging out with her friends, curling up with a good book, and traveling. What Jackie enjoys most of all though, is reconnecting with the things that make her, her. Whether it’s supporting another member of the T1D community or helping a friend with homework, Jackie says, “the times I feel at my best are when I am positively impacting others.”

Since her diagnosis, Jackie and her family have been involved with raising awareness and advocating for the T1D community through JDRF One Walks, Galas, and serving as a Youth Ambassador. Jackie has also led efforts to create an online community for high schoolers with T1D. As Jackie gets older, she wants to continue helping people, especially those whose voices are typically not heard, which is one of the reasons why she’s so excited to come to D.C. as a Delegate and use her voice to make a difference for all those impacted by T1D. 

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