Age: 14
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Cal is the true definition of a T1D champion. Since he was diagnosed with T1D in 2011, he and his family have supported every event in every way possible. His ultimate goal in supporting JDRF’s mission, is to find a cure and live a life free of the burden of T1D. Cal plays basketball and football, goes fishing and works hard in school. He is proud to attend a gifted school in his county, and even received an award for his bravery and scientific acumen for participating in the Medtronic 670G trial at the University of South Florida. According to Cal, “Participating in a study to better the lives of everyone living with T1D is one of the most rewarding things I have gotten to do.”


“Pine View Student Selected for JDRF Children’s Congress,” TheĀ Sarasota Post, April 24, 2019