Age: 14
Age at Diagnosis: 2

Tyler is thrilled to represent the Cherokee Nation at this year’s JDRF Children’s Congress. He enjoys learning about his Native American heritage, especially about being a member of the Wolf Clan! Tyler is very involved in sports, including football, basketball, and baseball. He also enjoys golfing with his younger brother, who also has T1D. In his free time, Tyler likes to build LEGO structures from his own designs. He looks forward to being an architect when he grows up.

Tyler is proud to tell his story about life with T1D to his representatives at JDRF Promise to Remember Me meetings, with his teachers and classmates at school, on stage at Galas, and on the local news. “I wear my JDRF gear in public so people can ask me questions.” Tyler is looking forward to being an architect when he grows up.

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