Age: 8
Age at T1D diagnosis: 1

Taite doesn’t just speak for himself; he’s attending JDRF Children’s Congress to represent his little brother and all kids who have T1D. “Type 1 diabetes research is important to me because we don’t want type 1 diabetes anymore. We don’t want to get shots ever again, except maybe flu shots,” he says. He is hopeful for a cure as well as improved technology on the road to a cure. “Better pumps would mean we wouldn’t have to poke our fingers with needles as much.” Taite and his brother both have T1D, and they advocate by participating in the JDRF Walk and fundraising creatively. Taite also has appeared on TV and on the radio to talk about life with T1D. Taite loves swimming, running and playing with his best friend.


Young Kalispell brothers with diabetes headed for D.C. to ‘fix’ things

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