Age: 9
Age at Diagnosis: 5

Leah is smart, spunky, and brave. She’s looking forward to putting those traits to work as a Delegate. “I’m not afraid to use my voice and share my story because I know how powerful it is.” She’s very thankful for her parents who have helped her manage T1D and kept her healthy since her diagnosis at age 5. Her family has been the top fundraising One Walk team in their community for 3 years running. Leah also serves as a JDRF Youth Ambassador and has spoken at JDRF Galas about her experiences living with T1D. 

She loves making friends, building with LEGOs, and using her imagination to create stories. Leah “absolutely loves babies” and wants to run a daycare when she grows up.

“Naples 9-year-old to speak to Congress about Type 1 diabetes,” WINK News, July 5, 2023

“9-year-old Leah from Naples uses her voice to raise awareness about Type-1 Diabetes,” The SWFL 100, July 18, 2023

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