Age: 16
Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

Julia arrives at JDRF Children’s Congress with a fire in her belly. “I will not simply stand back and watch other people try to make a difference for the type 1 diabetes community,” says Julia. “I want to be involved and make things happen. I want people to know my name and my story. I want to make a difference.” She’s already made an impact by promoting awareness and raising money for her local JDRF Walk. Julia enjoys chemistry, biology and Spanish classes, and when she grows up, she’d like to become a surgeon or a dermatologist. She also dreams of living on a farm with horses and other animals. “I realize more than ever that we must put a stop to T1D,” she says. “For everyone who lives with the disease.”


“In the Spotlight: Julia O’Leary raises awareness about Type 1 diabetes”, May 17, 2015, Lancaster Online, Lancaster, PA

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