Age: 6
Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

Jack loves his life. His many favorite hobbies include cooking, eating, skiing, surfing, soccer, traveling and reading. And he has the same zest in his T1D advocacy. At a JDRF Promise Ball, he and his family spoke and showed a video about his life and raised more than $650,000. He has addressed incoming medical students at the University of Wisconsin and has helped host a benefit concert that raised $60,000 for JDRF. “T1D has changed my life in ways I can’t even imagine but it will not change what I am capable of doing with my life,” he explains. “Just a day after my diagnosis, my parents took me to Colorado on a ski vacation because they wanted me to know that I could still do anything that I could do before.”

Two local youngsters head to Washington D.C. to lobby for Type 1 Diabetes research funding

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