Age: 10
Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

Emma is no stranger to sharing her story. The ten–year–old has already told her Congresswoman and Senator all about her T1D, and each year, with the help of her school nurse, she gives a lecture on the disease to her class. One of her proudest accomplishments, though, is an artistic one: her dazzling drawing of a betta fish was accepted into a state fair competition. “That was one of my best drawings ever,” she says. “I’ve been trying to improve my work and so far, I’ve been successful.” She also enjoys playing with Legos; and, when she grows up, Emma would like to become an inventor. “I realize that no matter what sort of illness I have, I will always be myself on the inside, and that is fine with me,” says Emma.

10 Year Old Emma Rose Will be New Mexico’s JDRF Representative in Washington DC!

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