Age: 15
Age at T1D diagnosis: 3

Following Emma’s T1D diagnosis in 2007, her father was diagnosed in 2010, and one of her younger brothers was diagnosed in 2015. Since then, their whole family has been actively involved with JDRF by mentoring families and participating in support groups, in addition to raising funds through events like JDRF One Walk, Gala and golf tournaments. Emma recognizes that the diabetes research funded by JDRF is incredibly important in advancing the development of T1D technologies and taking steps closer to a cure. In addition to advocating for JDRF, Emma is a member of her high school dance and track team and enjoys skiing and spending time with her family. “I have lived practically my whole life with type 1 diabetes, and have tried to advocate wherever and however I can, but there is more I want to do!” Emma is looking forward to bringing her passion for T1D research and advocacy to Washington.


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