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2023 Delegates from Wyoming

  • Gannon

    Wyoming, 2023

    Age: 17 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 10

    Gannon has a lot to be proud of! He plays golf for his school and baseball for his city (he was selected for the... Read More

2019 Delegates from Wyoming

  • Holden

    Wyoming, 2019

    Age: 14 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

    If you live in Wyoming and don’t know much about T1D, Holden is your go-to guy. He makes sure to set aside time... Read More

2017 Delegates from Wyoming

  • Casey

    Wyoming, 2017

    Age: 15 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 13

    Casey is a self-starter. She lives more than 300 miles from the nearest JDRF chapter, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing her... Read More

  • Cash

    Wyoming, 2017

    Age: 6 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 3

    Already at the age of six, Cash is one of those people whom everyone knows. He loves to make new friends and meet... Read More

2015 Delegates from Wyoming

  • Bryce

    Wyoming, 2015

    Age: 14 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 12

    Bryce’s dreams are taking flight. As a member of Civil Air Patrol, a nonprofit associated with the U.S. Air Force that helps with... Read More

  • Shelby

    Wyoming, 2015

    Age: 13 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

    Shelby was diagnosed with T1D when she was five, but she’s long been familiar with T1D. Her grandmother and father have the disease,... Read More

2013 Delegates from Wyoming

  • Calvin

    Wyoming, 2013

    Age: 11 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 8

    Calvin has a very clear memory of October 28, 2009—the day he was diagnosed with T1D. He got to play video games, and... Read More

2011 Delegates from Wyoming

  • Myrtice

    Wyoming, 2011

    Myrtice has experienced years of struggling with type 1, since being diagnosed at age three. She helped her mom run a diabetes support group, which allowed her to see the... Read More

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