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2023 Delegates from Oklahoma

  • Bay

    Oklahoma, 2023

    Age: 12 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 11

    Bay loves school, so much so that she’s already thinking about colleges even though she’s only in 6th grade (Brown is her first choice... Read More

  • Tyler

    Oklahoma, 2023

    Age: 14 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

    Tyler is thrilled to represent the Cherokee Nation at this year’s JDRF Children’s Congress. He enjoys learning about his Native American heritage, especially about... Read More

2019 Delegates from Oklahoma

  • Lundyn

    Oklahoma, 2019

    Age: 14 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

    When Lundyn was diagnosed with T1D at age six, like any kid her age, she was terrified of needles. In the years since... Read More

2017 Delegates from Oklahoma

  • Sean

    Oklahoma, 2017

    Age: 11 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

    Sean plays football, soccer and baseball—but hockey is his favorite sport. He also enjoys reading, art and Star Wars. Managing his T1D can... Read More

  • Tori Lynn

    Oklahoma, 2017

    Age: 14 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

    Tori Lynn is passionate about taking part in pageants and advocacy. As the Miss Route 66’s Outstanding Teen 2017, Tori uses her personal... Read More

2015 Delegates from Oklahoma

  • Connor

    Oklahoma, 2015

    Age: 9 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

    Connor claims that he’s just an average kid, who loves Legos and Minecraft. But he’s actually an extraordinary boy. A basketball and soccer... Read More

  • Emma

    Oklahoma, 2015

    Age: 11 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

    Dancing, wakeboarding, tubing and swimming keep Emma busy. She loves ballet and jazz (she takes classes twice a week), and in the summer... Read More

2013 Delegates from Oklahoma

  • Jack

    Oklahoma, 2013

    Age: 11 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

    Jack is known for his sunny outlook. In fact, his nickname is Happy Jack. “Luckily, all my friends, teachers, coaches, and family agreed... Read More

  • Shervin

    Oklahoma, 2013

    Age: 15 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 13

    When Shervin received his T1D diagnosis, he joined his dad and brother in their fight against the disease. “Right now, ‘normal’ for my... Read More

2011 Delegates from Oklahoma

  • Cooper

    Oklahoma, 2011

    Cooper's positive outlook has helped him to turn the diagnosis he received at age 10 into a way to make a difference. Cooper enjoys playing on his school's golf and... Read More

  • Tessa

    Oklahoma, 2011

    Tessa is always a star performer, whether she's playing piano, doing gymnastics, or acting, singing, and dancing in musicals. In third grade, Tessa won second place in her school's spelling... Read More

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