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2023 Delegates from Kentucky

  • Harper

    Kentucky, 2023

    Age: 16 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

    Harper is a straight-A student and takes school very seriously because her goal is to become a pediatric endocrinologist. She wants to provide empathy... Read More

  • Lily

    Kentucky, 2023

    Age: 8 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

    Lily fondly remembers getting a Rufus bear in the hospital after her T1D diagnosis—she still sleeps with it to this day! From that moment,... Read More

2019 Delegates from Kentucky

  • Macy

    Kentucky, 2019

    Age: 11 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

    Macy is an avid softball player, she currently plays for one of the top softball programs in the country, playing in tournaments nationwide.... Read More

  • Noah

    Kentucky, 2019

    Age: 13 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

    Noah, the oldest of four kids, is a great big brother and an excellent role model. He loves all sports, especially lacrosse and... Read More

  • Riley

    Kentucky, 2019

    Age: 15 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 13

      Riley is a member of her school’s field hockey and crew teams, and also enjoys singing and acting in her school’s theatre... Read More

2017 Delegates from Kentucky

  • Christopher

    Kentucky, 2017

    Age: 17 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 11

    Christopher enjoys playing football, running track and competing with his high school weightlifting team. He wants to study criminal justice in college and... Read More

  • Joey

    Kentucky, 2017

    Age: 15 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

    Joey is proud to be ranked as one of the top ten tennis players in his age range in Kentucky. His father also... Read More

  • Trista

    Kentucky, 2017

    Age: 13 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

    Trista is a true mix of a country girl and a city girl. She enjoys cheerleading, hunting, kickball and camping. When she grows... Read More

2015 Delegates from Kentucky

  • Joseph Drake

    Kentucky, 2015

    Age: 16 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

    Balancing T1D can be difficult at any age, but especially for a busy teenager. Just ask Drake, who is captain of a top... Read More

  • Marina

    Kentucky, 2015

    Age: 8 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 3

    Marina isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she does know that she wants to make a difference... Read More

  • Mary Rose

    Kentucky, 2015

    Age: 15 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 12

    “Spreading awareness of this disease is key to the discovery of a cure,” says Mary. She witnessed the power of awareness in action... Read More

2013 Delegates from Kentucky

  • Deven

    Kentucky, 2013

    Age: 13 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 12

    Deven is a girl of many talents. When she’s not playing the flute, singing in chorus, drawing, or spiking a volleyball, she is... Read More

  • Jack

    Kentucky, 2013

    Age: 14 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

    Jack, an accomplished Eagle Scout, hasn’t stopped since receiving his T1D diagnosis. He has hiked Arches National Park, gone whitewater rafting on the... Read More

  • Jaden

    Kentucky, 2013

    Age: 13 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

    Jaden knows a lot about T1D research. She dedicated herself to learning as much as she would about it in hopes that it... Read More

2011 Delegates from Kentucky

  • Caroline

    Kentucky, 2011

    Caroline hopes to one day earn a Ph.D. and become a journalist, archaeologist, or documentarist. Diagnosed at age four, she hasn't let diabetes halt her dreams. Instead, she's encouraged by... Read More

  • Parker

    Kentucky, 2011

    Parker has been an active supporter of diabetes research since being diagnosed at age 10. He is participating in his second clinical research study at Yale School of Medicine, and... Read More

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