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2023 Delegates from Hawaii

  • Drass

    Hawaii, 2023

    Age: 9 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

    Drass might have the widest range of interests of any 3rd grader around! He loves to play soccer, collect and trade Pokemon cards, play... Read More

  • Nico

    Hawaii, 2023

    Age: 13 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

    Nico loves to be active, and you can usually find him playing either club soccer or with his school’s team, hiking, fishing, or surfing.... Read More

2019 Delegates from Hawaii

  • Emi

    Hawaii, 2019

    Age: 8 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

    You can usually find Emi dancing hula, playing soccer or participating in baseball. Emi loves reading and hopes to become a librarian when... Read More

2017 Delegates from Hawaii

  • Alyssa

    Hawaii, 2017

    Age: 16 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 18 months

    As a tennis player, ballet dancer, musician and member of student government, Alyssa barely has time for type 1 diabetes. But she... Read More

2015 Delegates from Hawaii

  • David

    Hawaii, 2015

    Age: 11 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

    David is living proof that T1D technology is life–changing. He received his first CGM six months after his T1D diagnosis, and later was... Read More

2013 Delegates from Hawaii

  • Taylor

    Hawaii, 2013

    Age: 12 | Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

    “If you talk with my friends and family about how I was before I was diagnosed with T1D, they will tell you that... Read More

2011 Delegates from Hawaii

  • Aaron

    Hawaii, 2011

    Just like he navigates the winds and waters as he sails, Aaron has learned to navigate the challenges of diabetes and keep moving forward. Diagnosed at age two, he has... Read More

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