Age: 16
Age at T1D diagnosis: 8

Since Zane was diagnosed with T1D at age eight, he and his family have been an unstoppable force for the T1D community. In the last eight years, he has done more to fight for the T1D community than most people do their entire lives. Zane is taking his skills to the next level this year at Children’s Congress, and he is excited to tell his Members of Congress that their support of T1D research is crucial to ensuring people with T1D stay healthy, saying, “there have already been major improvements to the technology used to manage T1D and I hope there will be much, much more to come.” Zane also stays active in football, Taekwondo, fishing, mountain biking, four-wheeling and building things.


“Teen advocating for type 1 diabetes research,” Herald Leader, June 30, 2019