Age: 10
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Will is no stranger to talking about what life is like with T1D. As a JDRF Youth Ambassador, he’s given speeches about T1D to various groups of people including teachers, classmates and even a large corporation! In addition to thriving with T1D, Will has proudly overcome any obstacles that coincide with being DEAF, and uses American Sign Language as his primary means of communication. He and his family also participate in JDRF One Walk events to raise money for T1D research. When he’s not spreading awareness about T1D, Will enjoys gymnastics, swimming and going to diabetes camp. If you ask Will why he wants to come to D.C. and participate in Children’s Congress, his answer is simple, “No more finger pokes!”


“Positively Inspirational: 10-Year-Old JDRF Ambassador Hopes for Cure,” Diabetes Self-Management, May 31, 2019