Age: 15
Age at T1D diagnosis: 12

Will’s story is both unique and universal. After being rushed to the hospital with a blood-glucose level of 960—plus three days of sickness, vomiting, and learning how to administer insulin shots—he was able to leave, but not without realizing that his life had changed. “I hope to use my story of frustration, pain, and determination to convince lawmakers to keep funding T1D research. The disease is very hard to live with, and it’s growing, and we don’t know why. To end this scourge, we need the help of the government.”

Today, Will earns straight A’s, plays basketball and soccer, and volunteers at JDRF events, including Walks and the Spring Fling golf fundraiser. He’s even appeared in a JDRF Fund A Cure video. Inspired after meeting Representative Anna Eshoo through his JDRF work, Will plans to study law.