Age: 17
Age at T1D diagnosis: 3

Though Virginia has had T1D for most of her life, it’s thinking about newly diagnosed children that really discourages—and inspires—her work. “So many children are being diagnosed every day, and it breaks my heart. My family and I try to help any way we can, but it won’t stop until there is a cure.” She comes to Children’s Congress with an impressive outreach record, having participated in JDRF and school fundraisers alike.

Virginia balances life with T1D with a near-perfect GPA, membership in the National Honors Society and the National Spanish Honors Society, and participation in Model United Nations and the International Baccalaureate program at her school. She flexes her creative muscle in theater, choir, and dance, and keeps active on the varsity tennis team. Virginia plans to study both nursing and vocal performance in college.