Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

Trista is a true mix of a country girl and a city girl. She enjoys cheerleading, hunting, kickball and camping. When she grows up she wants to become an elementary school teacher. Trista spreads awareness about T1D on social media, at her local TV station, and through other platforms like her city’s JDRF Car Show. She is also a JDRF Youth Ambassador, saying, “I learned with my words and actions, I can make a newly diagnosed kid believe their world is okay after meeting me.” Trista takes part in JDRF One Walk with her ‘All American Girl’ team—and volunteers at JDRF Ride. She has also met with her Representative to discuss the importance of funding for research. “T1D sufferers depend on technology, and we need new and improved therapies to make our lives more manageable.”


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