Age: 14
Age at T1D diagnosis: 10

Sofia is an extremely positive teenager, who met her T1D diagnosis with optimism and curiosity when she was just 10 years old. Having T1D hasn’t slowed her down from swimming, running cross country, skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Sofia also loves drawing, painting and sculpting. She is most proud of her artwork, and hopes to one day open an art gallery and sell her creations. Sofia is looking forward to meeting with legislators at Children’s Congress, and she hopes to tell them in her own words that, “T1D research and advances are so very important to me, in the fact that with every step, advancement, or new discovery we get closer to finding a cure that ends all T1D.”


“Harrison County teen chosen to represent Iowa and Nebraska at JDRF 2019 Children’s Congress,” Missouri Valley Times News, June 17, 2019