Age: 8
Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

Ask Shelby for her greatest accomplishment, and the answer is both simple and poignant: “Living successfully with T1D.” Both she and her dad have the disease. She used to take insulin shots, but Shelby now uses the Omnipod, which she says makes managing her T1D much easier. Yet it’s still not a cure. “A cure for T1D is important to me because no kids would have to go through a bunch of things just so they can eat. The Special Diabetes Program is also important to me so I don’t have sore fingers. So I can play and not worry about my pod getting ripped off.”

Shelby’s favorite hobbies include soccer, swimming, piano, golf, and playing with her dog, Mojo. At Children’s Congress, she hopes to help other people understand how important a cure for T1D is to her.