Age: 10
Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 months

Softball, school plays, and student government. Acting, choir, and mystery books. Shannon’s life is bursting with activity, despite her T1D. “I still do everything I want to do—I just have to stop, test my blood sugar, and see if I need to do something for my blood sugar.” Her goal at Children’s Congress? “I want them to understand what it is like living with it every day, and why it’s so important that we find a cure for T1D.”

Shannon, who uses a continuous glucose monitor, often speaks about T1D with classmates and community members. A talented performer, she has such credits as singing “Take Me out to the Ball Game” at a Lakeshore Chinooks game and being a cast member in The Wizard of Oz. Someday, she would like to perform on Broadway and become a music teacher.