Age: 9
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Sammy has overcome many fears since being diagnosed with T1D when he was six. Now, with his insulin pump and CGM, he can live even more fearlessly. Sammy loves sports, playing center in soccer, and point guard and shooting guard in basketball. He would like to be either a professional athlete when he grows up, or a sports reporter. Sammy also loves reading, science, geography and math, and has earned straight A’s in school for the past few years. Sammy is a great role model for his little sister Mia, who also has T1D and will be attending Children’s Congress with him. About his sister, Sammy says, “We help each other with managing diabetes. We make a good team.”


“Springfield siblings participate in the JDRF Children’s Congress,” WWLP22 NEWS, July 11, 2019