Age: 7
Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

Patsy was already familiar with T1D before she received her diagnosis. Her older brother Nolan, who is also attending JDRF Children’s Congress, was diagnosed first. “I have watched my brother check his blood sugar and use his insulin pump my whole life,” says Patsy. “Although I try to always be brave like him, sometimes it is really hard.” Yet Patsy doesn’t let the daily difficulties of T1D stand in her way. Patsy loves soccer, gymnastics, volunteering and playing in the backyard. She dreams of becoming a cowgirl or a ballerina when she grows up. Patsy also participates in JDRF Walks each year and helps reach out to other T1D families with her brother. “We are passionate. We are committed. And we are confident that JDRF is the answer,” she says.