Age: 7
Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

Mia is a very caring girl who prides herself on being kind to others and making friends. She loves music, playing with her dolls, reading, painting and crafts. Mia also played on a basketball team this winter. Mia has learned a lot about T1D since she was diagnosed at five years old, but her brother Sammy, who also has T1D, has been really helpful assisting her with adjusting to it. She was very proud of going to diabetes camp for a whole week, where she learned how to insert her own Omnipod site. Both Mia and Sam are excited to go to Children’s Congress because, Mia says, “I think it’s important for Congress to support diabetes-related issues because we have to find a cure.”


“Springfield siblings participate in the JDRF Children’s Congress,” WWLP22 NEWS, July 11, 2019