Meredith is a dynamic girl who loves to read (she was the first in her school to read 1,000 pages) and dreams of being a veterinarian. She likes to ride her pony, Cutie Pie, on the family farm, play softball, perform in ballet recitals, and do gymnastics. “I want people to know diabetes is just a small part of me,” says Meredith. Diagnosed at age two, she makes a point to not let diabetes get her down, even though it can be tough. Meredith brings her zealous nature and positive attitude to her work with JDRF as well. She and her family speak at diabetes fundraising events, take Bags of Hope to newly diagnosed children, and have raised $25,000 in JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes with “Meredith’s Monkeys.” To Congress, Meredith says, “We want our voices to be heard through you!”