Age: 17
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Matthew enjoys traveling, golf, basketball, and community service, specifically tutoring under-privileged kids. This year, he started a JDRF club at his high school. Matthew’s whole family has been involved with JDRF since his diagnosis in 2006; his mother is on the New York City Chapter’s Board of Directors and his twin sisters donated all the gifts from their bat mitzvahs to JDRF. Matthew has spent countless hours advocating for JDRF because “Diabetes is a 24/7 job. There are no vacations or holidays. I cannot emphasize enough how important T1D research is and subsequent advances in technology.” Matthew is especially looking forward to a day when T1D is easier to manage. He says, “I wish for a day when diabetes will be automated so I do not have to worry all the time about high or low blood sugars. That would be a true gift.”


Engel Meets With JDRF Children’s Congress Delegates From New Rochelle, Scarsdale / Eliot Engel Website / July 27, 2017