Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

This JDRF ambassador jumped into volunteering at the very beginning. Weeks after his diagnosis with T1D, he joined his first JDRF Walk. Because Matthew had just been released from the hospital, his parents brought along a wagon in case he grew too tired to walk. They wound up pulling the empty wagon for the full length of the event! In the years since that first fundraiser, Matthew has helped to raise more than $23,000.

Matthew has met with representatives, appeared in local media, and participated in many fundraisers, such as a Gala and a Youth Quilt event. He even “adopted” a local store, helping the employees raise funds and distributing Lifesavers candies to thank them for “being a life saver.” His inspiration? “I like to say that I have T1D—it doesn’t have me.”