Age: 14
Age at T1D diagnosis: 7

Marin is passionate about T1D technologies and research advancements, and helping to ensure that the T1D community has access to devices that make their lives a little easier until a cure is found. Marin is also an entrepreneur and started and trademarked an organization, Flyabetes, which is the umbrella for all of her fundraising efforts. Additionally, she and her mom founded “Comedy for a Cause”—a fundraising event in the Hamptons, where Marin helped out every step of the way, and ultimately raised $150,000 to benefit JDRF! She also enjoys mentoring newly diagnosed T1D kids, saying, “it is truly rewarding to help them navigate the challenges as I can empathize with them, and show them how fully I live my life.” Marin looks forward to bringing her passionate spirit to Children’s Congress this summer.