Age: 11
Age at T1D diagnosis: 11 months

Makenzie shines onstage as a talented actor, singer, hip hop dancer and videographer. She enjoys performing in her school plays and with her community theater group, and she was selected to sing with the Junior High Honor Choir, even though she was only in fifth grade. When she grows up, Makenzie wants to be either an actor or an endocrinologist. Because she was diagnosed with T1D at only 11 months old, she knows how much T1D impacts everyone in her life. Makenzie is excited to go to Children’s Congress because, “I want to discuss insulin costs and choice for insulin pumps for people with T1D. It’s important for Congress to know that it is not just me with T1D—it impacts the lives of my mom, dad, sister, teachers, best friends, school nurse, coaches and directors.”