Age: 12
Age at T1D diagnosis: 1

When Luke was diagnosed with T1D just after his first birthday, his family was all too familiar with T1D; Luke’s father, uncle and grandfather all have T1D, and his cousin was diagnosed after him. Luke may have learned a lot about T1D from his older family members, but he also taught them about insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and how helpful they can be in managing T1D. Luke also makes a point to teach his football, wrestling and lacrosse teammates—and even opposing teams—about T1D. He wants everyone to know that T1D doesn’t keep him on the sidelines. “I want to be a part of Children’s Congress so that I can help lend a voice to make the cure a reality!”


“Luke Athoe Advocating For Funding For Type 1 Diabetes Research,” Rochester First, June 10, 2019