Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 12

After Logan was diagnosed with T1D, he wondered if he would have to give up his favorite activities. But when he learned his lacrosse coach also had T1D, he realized it wouldn’t have to slow him down. Thanks to diabetes technology, Logan has a full schedule of sports, sleepovers and piano practice. “I love my CGM and my pump, and I’m grateful for the money and research it took to make those possible, but I’d also really like to never have to use them again,” he says. Logan is doing his part to make this happen by volunteering for a clinical trial. Even though it meant a lot of needle sticks and some painful side effects, Logan is proud of his participation. “What if it works and keeps people making their own insulin? That would be amazing! I’d go through all the pain again if it could cure T1D.”