Age: 6
Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

Laura is a hard worker: She helps her dad on their family ranch, and when she grows up, she wants to become a veterinarian, and to continue to farm her family’s avocados, citrus fruits and olives. She is also a dedicated T1D advocate. Laura and her diabetic alert dog, Darwin, have visited 100 first graders at a local school, as well as a local Rotary Club meeting, to spread awareness of T1D. She is attending JDRF Children’s Congress to press for innovations in T1D management. “T1D research programs are important so kids like me can have the best long–term outcomes possible,” she says. “Because I have a lot of plans and they don’t involve having to micromanage my diabetes like my parents have to now.”


6-Year-Old Springville girl to represent California