Age: 10
Age at T1D diagnosis: 8

Landry believes T1D should be the last thing on kids’ minds. “Kids should only have to worry about doing well in school, being kind to others, and becoming good citizens.” With his winning attitude, Landry practices what he preaches. “I don’t complain about having T1D. It is what it is. But I do want to find a cure soon, so I don’t grow up to be an adult who suffers complications.”

Landry checked his own blood-glucose level the day he was diagnosed, and administered his own shots within weeks. He educates classmates about T1D and was the top fundraiser for a Jump Rope for Heart event. Landry sings in the choir, participates in his school’s gifted program, and plays football and basketball. What’s his greatest accomplishment? “I continue to be a good friend to everyone I meet.”