Age: 12
Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

Kamryn believes there’s a silver lining to T1D and wants to help the world to see it. “I want to relay how research can take the negative impacts and turn them into positive. I want to tell how it affects me every day and how emotionally and physically challenging type 1 diabetes can be.” She has a head start, raising money with her JDRF Walk team, Kamryn’s Kure, and educating her community by distributing literature and JDRF T-shirts.

Kamryn isn’t alone—her mother was diagnosed with T1D at age 16. The pair’s struggle with T1D motivated Kamryn to write two letters to President Barack Obama about her hope for a cure. (The president responded—twice!) In addition to her awareness efforts, Kamryn likes to sing with the JDRF youth ambassadors, takes honors classes, and is a cheerleader.