Age: 6
Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

One of the younger delegates, Kaleb wrote a beautiful, handwritten note explaining what a T1D cure would mean to him: “Please help find a cure. That would be the best day of my life. I know it takes money, but trust me, it is worth it!” Kaleb is familiar with T1D’s daily struggles. The disease runs in his family: his grandfather and father both have T1D, and Kaleb’s older brother participated in a study before Kaleb was born. Kaleb even participated in a trial as a baby himself. T1D can often be frustrating, he says. “Diabetes hurts. I get so mad at diabetes, sometimes I ninja–kick my pillow!” Yet he doesn’t let T1D hold him back: Kaleb plays basketball and soccer, is learning how to downhill ski and has even won running awards.