Age: 7
Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

Jonah knows that it is what’s on the inside that matters when it comes to T1D. “People look at me and they think it’s easy, because they can’t see that my pancreas doesn’t work, but it’s not easy. I bet if everyone had T1D, then everyone would realize why we need a cure today.”

Diagnosed less than two years ago, Jonah has already spread the word about T1D, appearing in a local magazine and on a poster for a JDRF Golf fundraiser. He has also spoken with celebrities who have T1D, like Eric Gunderson from the country-music duo Love and Theft, who said that Jonah inspired him to become an advocate. A talented, self-taught dancer, Jonah wants to become a superstar himself one day, sharing awareness about T1D with millions of people.