Age: 15
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Joey enjoys playing competitive lacrosse and football, loves to hang out with friends and family, and is a committed volunteer. He looks forward to studying in college to become an engineer, saying, “Even though it has not been easy, I have never let T1D define me as a person or limit my goals.” Joey and his family take part in JDRF One Walks with the ’Joey’s Jammers’ team. He also regularly attends his local JDRF Hope Gala, and mentors kids with T1D as a JDRF Youth Ambassador. Joey spreads awareness by speaking at his school, and in his community, about what it’s like to have diabetes. He says, “It is my dream that one day soon, I can play, eat and sleep without having to think about T1D.”

Bay Area kids with Type 1 diabetes seek funding in D.C. / East Bay Times / July 25, 20