Johnson Ji - TX8

Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Jillian was diagnosed with T1D years after her identical twin sister Jacquelyn discovered she had the disease. Together, Jillian and her family raise money for JDRF by holding bake sales, attending JDRF Galas and giving talks about T1D to classmates. “We speak in front of our class and tell them what T1D is. Many people ask what is on our arm, or what are those machines on our body? Many kids ask why we have ‘iPods’ on us at school. We tell them they are pumps and CGMs, and how they keep us alive or help us.” But Jillian has a full life beyond her diagnosis. She is most proud of lighting her town’s Christmas tree, enlisting 100 people to her JDRF Walk team, and getting the opportunity to meet her Congressman.


Diabetic twin sisters are hopeful that Type 1 will become type none