Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 4

Jaden knows a lot about T1D research. She dedicated herself to learning as much as she would about it in hopes that it could prevent her twin sister, Deven, and their brother from developing the disease. When Deven was diagnosed with T1D this spring, Jaden became more determined than ever to help find a cure. “My sister is my hero. She is so brave … I am so proud of her.”

Awareness is a family affair. Jaden has held car washes, yard sales, bake sales, Kids Walks, and other fundraising events. Her mom serves on their chapter’s board of directors, where she organized an annual community carnival and speaks out about the disease. Together, Jaden and her Walk team have raised more than $80,000.

To view Jaden’s JDRF Children’s Congress video she filmed with her twin sister Deven, also a 2013 delegate, please click below: