Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

Tumbling, tennis and T1D: Jacquelyn does it all. Diagnosed as a toddler, Jacquelyn has a twin sister who also lives with the disease. Both sisters are hopeful for new innovations in T1D care. “Research is important because I am now on an insulin pump and a CGM. This means I do not have to take as many shots and don’t have to prick my fingers as much,” she says. “Research is helping me so much and I hope one day we will help find a cure for type 1.” In the meantime, Jacquelyn and her sister participate in their local JDRF Walk under their team, “Team Super Twins,” which has raised more than $91,000 so far. Jacquelyn hopes to become an interior designer when she grows up.


Diabetic twin sisters are hopeful that Type 1 will become type none