Age: 13
Age at T1D diagnosis: 9

“I absolutely love getting to promote type 1 diabetes in my community,” shares Isabella. A three–time recipient of the prestigious JDRF Walk Golden Sneaker award, Isabella has proudly promoted T1D awareness on the radio, in her local newspaper, and on the news. She’s also volunteered at a JDRF Gala and raises money for her JDRF Walk team. But she has other passions, too: an art and music aficionado, Isabella has taught herself how to play the guitar and plays almost daily. She wants to become either a singer or a scientist when she grows up. Isabella is attending JDRF Children’s Congress with one issue on her mind: a cure. “With the help of the U.S Congress, we can accomplish our dream of turning Type One into Type None,” she says.

Chat with…Bobby and Isabella Carpenter, advocates for diabetes research / New Canaan News / July 20, 2017