Age: 4
Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

Like his superhero idols, Henry faces a ruthless enemy in T1D. And like them, he uses his powers for good, not evil. His outgoing personality, love of meeting new people and his willingness to discuss how he uses his CGM and insulin pump to help manage his disease has made him a champion of JDRF’s Houston Gulf Coast Chapter. Henry’s older sister, Lily, also has T1D, so his family was involved with JDRF well before his diagnosis. They volunteer at the chapter’s JDRF One Walk and Gala events and are extremely involved in local mentoring and outreach efforts. Henry has represented JDRF at local corporate events and was featured in a Fund-A-Cure video created for the 2016 Gala. Henry likes to swim and play soccer and would like to be Batman when he grows up.


Lily & Henry: Taking on T1D Together / JDRF Blog / July 7, 2017