Age: 17
Age at T1D diagnosis: 6

Making the world a better place is a top priority for Hannah. As an aspiring human rights activist, Hannah works to make a difference for the T1D community. “I appreciate that being a good citizen requires us all to participate to make the world better,” she says. “My grandfather, a World War II veteran, taught me that lesson.” Hannah began giving back to the community right after her diagnosis at age six by participating in a clinical trial focused on extending the ’honeymoon period’ and more recently in another trial exploring how teens cope with T1D. Hannah is co-president of the Scarsdale High School JDRF Club, and, as an actress and singer, has performed at several regional JDRF events. “I am introduced as Hannah, who has T1D, but I do not let my illness define me.”

Engel Meets With JDRF Children’s Congress Delegates From New Rochelle, Scarsdale / Eliot Engel Website / July 27, 2017